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Locks & Access Control

A Plus Security Locks & Access Control

There are a number of benefits to having an electronic code lock or access control system. The biggest advantage to having a code lock is that they are easily reprogrammable in just seconds. Instead of having to go to the lock smith or Home Depot to cut each and every employee a key, you simply hand out a code. This is more secure because if a key is lost, you wouldn’t have to get the entire lock rekeyed and cut all new keys for the employees. You also don’t have to worry about keys being copied and not knowing how many keys there are to your store or office. If someone is terminated, you can simply change the code and you’re secure again in just seconds. Our code locks are heavy duty and rated as high security against anyone that may try to tamper to force their way in. Simply put, having a code lock offers higher security and a lower cost of ownership for your door. To speak with a professional about your home or business, contact us now.