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IVMS 4500 Phone App:

This iPhone App allows you to see your cameras remotely: Download #1

This Android App allows you to see your cameras remotely: Download #2


Plugins (Plugins are specific to DVR):

This plug in needs to be installed on your Mac computer in order to see your cameras: Download #3


This is another Mac plug in that allows you to see your cameras from your Mac computer: Download #4


Viewing Software & Media Players:


VLC Player – This video player allows you to view videos that you have backed up from your DVR. Works for Windows or Mac:  Download #5


Windows Media Player – You will need this Codec Pack to view videos that you have backed up from your DVR: Download #6

Instructions for backing up Video Clips to USB

Right click Mouse
Left Click Menu, Enter Password
Left Click on Playback
Select Cameras to Playback
Select Date
Left Click on play icon on bottom center of screen
Select desired time and left click on Scissor Icon (start clipping)
Drag slider forward to end time and left click on Scissors (stop clipping)
Click on disc icon (save clip) or “File Management”
Insert thumb Drive into USB port or USB Extension (Our DVR is Generally Mounted above the Shelf  and We Typically Provide a USB extension can) 
Left click on export
(you will see your files) click export again
Check off the Save Video and …. (video and log)
After it’s complete, click on export again and check “Player only” click ok
Back Up Successful!

If you need further assistance, please call A Plus Security at 866-671-3355 Ext 2

For Technical Assistance, Please Contact Us At: